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transportation eng.

Constantinos Vatikiotis : 6932200240
Lefteris Gionis : 6942635656
Nikos Kardasis : 6932200204
Panayiotis Katsouranis : 6944251945
Elias Kolias : 6944605784
Antonis Papadeas : 6946853253

                                                    Boats & Sea Taxi

You can go by a traditional boat  :  from Spetses to Kosta (Peloponnese-coast) , or to the wonderful and well organized beaches of the Island, Aghioi Anargiri, Aghia Paraskevi and Zogergia, during the turistic season.
Schedule starts early in the morning and stop by the sun-set. 
Departure point: the port of Dapia.
SEA TAXI are on duty 24 hours a day and have access to any possible location of the island , after agreement and calling at the office phone-number : +30 22980-72072 , by going to the port of Dapia where they are stationed or simply calling a Sea Taxi owner :

Yiannis Maheras  229 807 2750
 Alex J. Boufis  229 807 4875
 Yiannis B. Moros 229 807 4458
Yiannis E. Tsanas 229 807 2708
 Agis Th. Fournarakos  229 807 5378
Vangelis P.Vrontamitis  229 807 2947
Panagiotis M. Vrontamitis 229 807 5338
Spiridoula Kohila 697 989 5689

The Coachmen

traditional coaches of old times, can carry visitors to most of the landmarks of the town of Spetses, from early in the morning till late at night, over summer period.
There are two "starting points" your can hire a coach. One is located at the port of Dapia ( +30 22980-73171) for rides with direction to the "Old-Port" and Aghia Marina and another one is at the other side of the port , right at the Poseidonio-Square (+30 22980-73170) with direction to the Academy area.
Prices are attached in banners at both starting points. 

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